Kids Jiu Jitsu

Voted best kids Jiu Jitsu program in Arvada right near me
Kids programs (Little Rockers)
Level 1 (5 ½ – 8yrs)
Level 2 (9 – 13yrs)

The Pangea Little Rockers program is focused on creating a Jiu Jitsu program that is interactive, hands-on, safe, and FUN!! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the most popular grappling art in the world for self defense, sport, and recreation, and is built on the concepts of perseverance and focus. We are committed to:

⁃ Emphasize safety and respect for training partners
⁃ Focus the program around structured play to explore basic concepts of balance and body awareness as it relates to Jiu Jitsu
⁃ We will explore the basic beginning concepts of guard play (open/closed guard), and top game to include mount and side control as it relates to Jiu Jitsu.
⁃ We will also learn about the beginning concepts of how to safely execute submissions in practice

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